Thursday, October 13, 2011

#53--Two Months Later, Three Days To Go

Well a lot has happened since July and my last post. Some things I was on top of then  have fallen out of my higher priority list (KAFE being one of those, unfortunately).

As far as the lunch thing went from before, it was alright. Outside of that, the person has received quite an injury due to some negligence on the boss's part, and is laid up until who knows when. Maybe for quite a long time. There is nothing I can do about all that.

School has been quite an adventure so far... Between teaching and taking classes, there is a lot to be learned. I just had my mid-term evals the other day, and 99.9% of comments were positive reflections of my class times and efforts therein. I found this to be quite encouraging.

In three days it will have been a  year since the wedding, and I am excited to achieve that milestone. We are going to Santa Fe next week to celebrate (during fall break). That trip should be quite lovely as well, since my bro-in-law says the weather down that way is beautiful.

That's as much of an update as I can give right now, since I need to run to the store for pizza toppings. That's right--homemade pizza by Alex. :-D It is always quite tasty.


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