Thursday, December 2, 2010

#23--Political Motivations

So this will be my first blog post for the month, hooray.

Also, some of my goals have changed for this month. I still intend to work on my creative works here. I'm hoping to return to Angela's Legacy at some point, work on the new Morph, and maybe even a shorter story that I've been thinking about for awhile now. I think I've mentioned it before on this blog, but perhaps not.

Again, I have created the conjoining blog site for larger chunks of work, so it is easier to read through overall, and easier to find the segments of each story. I have already moved all of Angela's Legacy into one post on the other blog page, so that's all nice and neat now.

So yesterday as I was sitting at home a particular book on my book shelf called out to me to read it, and so I opened it up to discover all that it had to say. Are you wondering what book it was/is? Okay fine, I'll tell you.

The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama.

You may scoff, or laugh or simply nod your head (or carry out whatever reaction you please) but I am finding it enlightening and educational to say the least. It has spurred me to think about things that I agree with and disagree with simultaneously, and has also made me think about our current government and politics, how those actions from the people in established offices affect me as a citizen, and inspired me to care a little about the policies and bills that are enacted. To make a change.

Well what difference does one person make, you say? Well, if several people decide they feel the same way about one thing, then who is to say that a change cannot be made, or that our voices and opinions will go unheard?

So much of this month (and continuously in the future) will be dedicated to researching current operations and topics on Capitol Hill, with some research into past administrations and policies for a better understanding of what is happening today and how I can affect that government for an overall better America.

Sounds noble doesn't it? Well, it is something I'm willing to work on, and with much effort. While I am no extreme hotshot or anything else like that when it comes to politics (either arguing or understanding them) there is nothing to say that I cannot have a greater understanding and learn some political know-how myself.

A challenge? Yes. Worth it? I think so.

Besides all that business, I am getting excited for the holidays, and I can't wait until they finally get here. Our good pals will be back in the area from their new home in VA, and it will be good to get to visit with them (which I desperately hope we are able to do...not sure how long they'll be in town, or what other plans they'll have already made). Additionally, I hear it is supposed to be blizzard conditions on Monday (sorry Jason) so we'll see how that goes.

I love winter.

I never thought I'd say that.

*Off to story writing!*

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