Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#28--Looking Ahead

This week is crazy!


I suppose that's alright, that life is crazy sometimes. I just hope that things turn around in all the good ways before Friday... I hate being dreary feeling around the holidays.

Otherwise, I've got some exciting things going on next week (interview wise!) and I'm totally looking forward to New Year's at my mom-in-law's house. It always promises to be a good time. However, my cousin Steven invited us to his house as well, and that may very well be equally as fun, except I think I prefer less drama and more game playing, and so may stick with my original plan. Tee hee.

I'm looking forward to the new year, hoping that it helps us all move forward in all the right ways. Paying off loans, working towards starting a new business, saving dough for a honeymoon or other small camping/hiking trip, potentially buying a house, etc. All of those things add up faster than I thought possible, and those are not including the little things, the everyday nuances that occur and are unavoidable/completely unexpected. Yet I suppose that is what life is, as I've said before.

I really feel like we can get through it all just fine, so I'm choosing not to worry about it.

Outside of that, I was thinking about some stories I've been working on, like the "Morph" story based loosely on the tale about Rumplestiltskin, and the newest addition to the story group here on the blog being "Untitled A." I've thought a good while about combining the stories into one, and was nearly convinced that I should put Eva and Charlotte together into a stronger, more complex Eva. The more I think about it the more uncertain I am about whether or not they should remain separate or become one (as it were). I feel that Eva could benefit from some of Charlotte's traits, but that she would also benefit from having a friend outside of her husband Marcus. And then there is the dilemma of whether or not Michael should be done away with, or if his bum leg can be morphed into Marcus, or if that physical aspect should not be fiddled with in Marcus's case.

On a different note, I'm nearly dying to work on a science fiction story, only I'm not sure what. I was recalling my idea of the tattoo society (Alex & Grace you know what I'm talking about). But I feel that I would need to do research for that one, examining society's reaction and treatment for minorities and majorities, etc. Of course, I would probably have to restrict these examinations and base them on one society over an elaborate course of time. Unless it would benefit from studying a "main" society and culture during its thousands of years of evolution and such. Hm. I am also not sure that I am making any logical or grammatical sense at this point because I am also watching Family Guy at the moment.


Tomorrow seems to be a big day... I have to make several phone calls, go by the bank, the post office (and I should probably go by the DMV while I'm at it--hooray name change!) and hope and pray that the phone calls don't result in an incredible amount of expenses or stress. Given that the expected expenses aren't too unexpected, then I expect I will be able to finish my Christmas shopping (or several people won't be receiving gifts from me, which would make me rather sad considering that this includes someone that I am very close too and an overly sensitive little sister).

Whew. Nothing beats the holidays!

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