Thursday, December 9, 2010

#24--Denied by the Penguin!

I can't believe I haven't blogged again before now. I don't know what's gotten into me. (Gotten? Hm.)

Anyway, there are several exciting opportunities that I am anxious to take advantage of, like the Penguin Group Internship for Summer 2011 in New York, and the various scholarships and awards that can be found on I also applied for a job yesterday as a Multimedia Assistant Editor for a publishing company that's local and doesn't require any relocation. It would be a great position to have and would put a lot of experience under my belt (and probably a decent chunk of money in my pocket as well). Because frankly, I'm tired (and absolutely done!) working for minimum wage. There is no getting ahead with minimum wage. Especially with piles of debt. Hooray! Not.

Outside of those things I am continuously being inspired by things and thinking of new things that I could incorporate into stories or base entire stories upon a certain character. And then I remember all the story ideas I've started and how much I'd like to finish those works so that I could potentially submit them to contests or to publishers directly for review and publication. Because it would be a freaking blast to see MY BOOK on shelves of every major book seller in the nation. Don't you think that would be cool?


As I was writing this post I was also looking at the requirements for the internship I mentioned with Penguin Group.. I'm not eligible. Why? Because I'm no longer a student, and an active member of Sigma Tau Delta. I'm an alumni for my chapter, but to my knowledge I'm not registered with the national alumni group, and even if I were, there are no internships or awards available to alumni through STD. I feel really crushed right now. I think I find something that I can use or do to better myself as a writer and to gain experience in my field and *somehow* by some cruel twisting and writhing of fate, I am denied the opportunity which I would have so readily accepted and worked hard to obtain and derive a good experience from.

As Penguin~Dreamer, I hope to somehow, someday be affiliated with Penguin Group and their mysterious workings. Whether I'm working for them or submitting my manuscripts or what have you, I want to be noticed. I want to be noticed by a publisher so they may publish my work, and once my work is published, so I can share my work with a larger audience. Because really, this blog is great, but I'm thinking only about three or four people regularly follow it.

HOWEVER! There are other opportunities with Penguin Group... like, full time employment... which I am *completely* eligible for... WHICH I WILL APPLY TO RIGHT NOW... but the job is in New York. City. Cost of moving, plus cost of living, plus the dog... can I make it? It would put Alex out of a job if we moved "upstate," and I have no idea what kind of things he could do while I'm working at Penguin, and we would probably HAVE to have a job apiece, and that's only feasible if his job pays higher than minimum wage once we get there. It's hard to envision. But I'm applying anyway.


I really want this.

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