Friday, June 3, 2011


I did receive word that I have been chosen for the graduate teaching position I mentioned, which makes me very excited indeed for this fall. I am already giving thought to what areas I would like to study. Literature and Linguistics stand out the most to me I think, but I will have to see what my advisor says as well in regard to what his recommendations are for me.

We are finally getting things unpacked around the house too, and with our random and various work schedules, its hard to really see one another (or to see everyone) all at the same time.

I'm sure that whoever is reading this (besides my four or five loyalist readers) is probably pretty bored with what I've got going on. Because really, who wants to hear about someone else's day-to-day life, when they have their own (perhaps slightly dull) life to live and hear about a million times over from their families and friends?

So, we may be able to paint upstairs. If so, then I have a few swatches picked out. The main color would be "Sun Poppy" or something like that, with teal and dark brown accents. The brown would be used almost minimally, since we wouldn't want the room to become "heavy." I am also excited for the construction of new bookshelves, which may not happen for several months. But I am quite eager to get my books out of their boxes so they can "breathe" on the shelf. They will feel better which will make me feel better. And then of course I can read them all, all over again. :-)

And then I spent about an hour between that paragraph and this one, roaming facebook and checking various emails, and even discovering some new blogs (which I now follow). I do wonder sometimes if the whole concept of "following" someone on any of the various sites with the follow option is healthy or if it should be considered a form of stalking... Not to say that I seek out any other information from these blogs other than what is posted routinely (or not) by the blog operator. But isn't it weird how we creep on people and their lives, secretly peeking in at them and their personal moments? Whether we intend to be a more advanced form of a peeping-tom or if we're just looking to not be alone in the recesses of the internet, there is a level of mysticism to the whole act, and I feel that after a certain point, "following" gets to be too much. At what point do we become too wrapped up in someone else's life that we do not realize that we have our own? That perhaps we are not living our own life as we would want to because we are so caught up with making sure that some random person and otherwise a stranger made it through a particularly rough Tuesday afternoon, post-breakup, post-car wreck, post-raining for three days straight and now their flowerbeds have all gone to muddy awfulness. These details are not wrong to share, and probably not wrong to witness, but a flowerbed does not influence how I live my life, or the choices I make after I log off and go to bed. (On the same note, I do not necessarily mean that these details are entirely irrelevant either, just that there is a lot of mixup between what we do and what we wish we were doing, but instead we read about someone else doing those things we wish we would/could do, rather than seeking out a method to actually accomplish the goal ourselves.)

This seems like the kind of conversation that needs more studying, and more in-depth analysis, so for now, I really will go to bed and remember that I am me, and that no one else can be me.

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