Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#48--Life, Writing, School, and Many More

Things are going. As they always are.

My working situation is still kind of crazy, and I am anxious for the summer to be done (never thought I'd say that) so that I can start classes in the fall. I have been recently enrolled in my classes, and have discovered that there is a week-long orientation immediately prior to the beginning of classes. My advisor claims it is most likely that I will be teaching my first classes on the first day of classes, so that should prove interesting indeed!

Something I've been doing a lot of lately is reading, which is fine by me, and I understand (again) why I love it so much and why I am unperturbed when I read instead of doing important things like laundry. My husband does not find this terribly useful though, and since the third book in the series I'm reading is being read by someone else currently, then I suppose I shall have to spend this week catching up on all those household chores that I've let fall behind.

Speaking of fiction, the same person who has book three also had a discussion with me last night into the wee hours of the morning regarding a story she had thought up a long time ago and seems to have extensive notes on but has never tried to really write. She has also not shared the plot or ideas with anyone except myself, and for this I feel quite honored. As we discussed her ideas, I became more and more excited for her story, and I have offered my assistance as she feels it is needed. I told her we could aim for getting our stories published around the same time. *Because that would be awesome!* And if you're wondering anything about the story she passed along to me last night, then I am very sorry to say that I cannot and will not reveal anything, as it is not my story to share. But I will tell you that it is quite compelling, and should she happen to get the work published, then I will divulge the title/author/isbn number with you, and you shall all have to take my word for it that it is awesome and go out to purchase and read the book.

In other exciting news, my mother has agreed to get me a Kindle or iPad, whichever I choose, so that I may put my textbooks on the device and thus save much money as I go into graduate school. This has led to some barrels full of research on my part. I seem to know a lot of people with Kindles, and they all love the Kindle, and I know one or two people with an iPad, and they like it just as much as another person likes their Kindle. I have a lot of stipulations for the device, things that I need it to be able to do so that I may make the best use of it for graduate school. I have taken all of these into consideration and received some important feedback from peers and professors regarding the particular devices. I think I have decided to go with the iPad, as it has the ability to do more, and I can get the Kindle app on the iPad and still have the HUGE selection of books that I feel I need access to. :)

Back to my friend's fictional adventure--this has re-inspired me to pick up the story I was working on long ago (No, not Angela's Story, as some of you may have read/seen on my other blog page). This story is one that I am attempting to hand-write first. You may call me crazy as a result, but I am okay with that. I feel that writing it out by hand gives me a stronger connection to the storyline, the characters, and helps me care a little more about how well I have crafted the story. I am sad that I have not worked on it since February (which wasn't THAT long ago, but it feels like it has been ages), but at the same time, I am glad to have it finally unpacked and to be thinking about it again. My first goal was to try to have the first draft done by the end of 2011, but I really don't think that is going to happen (but that doesn't mean that it won't!).

Since the laundry machine just buzzed at me, I shall have to go take care of that.

Until next time...

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