Thursday, June 9, 2011

#47--This Crazy Heat

And tornadoes and floods and wildfires and...

Every crazy weather phenomenon that *could* happen seems to actually *be* happening across the country. Between the weather and the economy, I'm surprised we're managing to survive (not entirely surprised, but you get my drift).

I know I'm not the only one with money problems, not the only person who can't afford the things I need in order to live comfortably--and I'm not asking for a handout either. I'm just expressing that it is hard financially to come out even, but we're scraping by.

My workplace presents a continuous (and unnecessary) level of stress that I could really do without. It doesn't look like things are going to be getting better any time soon either, at least not until we have a meeting with the manager's boss, but who knows when that will actually happen. I'm looking forward to it though, so I can voice my concerns and so that we as a staff can come to some conclusions and work on making our work situation better and make it more safe overall, for guests and employees alike. But all these things going on with this make me look forward to teaching in the fall, and starting my graduate career as well.

Which reminds me, I need to get my bookshelf organized! Which means that I need to unpack all my books. Which means that I need some bookshelves to put them on. Whew. We'll get that worked out too I suppose. But I do fully intend to brush up on some knowledge and skills prior to starting everything in the fall, just so that I can get into a good groove again by the time school starts, and so I can be practiced in the same things that I'll be teaching.

My sister is about to have her baby (they are inducing her today) or have already induced her, I'm not sure which. We are all very excited for little Drake to get here, but we will have to hope that the internet does him justice when she gets around to putting pics up, since she's in Hawaii and we're all on the mainland. On another note, Peter is doing better after his surgery (if you don't know and are family you can email me privately for the full scoop). He is attending physical therapy three times a week and is going through a cardio rehab program as well. My mom has hurt her back by sleeping wrong, which tore a muscle and now she is having quite a hard time getting around. She has been to the doctor and received some medication and has also been excused from work as well, so all that we can do is wait for her torn muscle to heal so she can get around again. One of my aunts had surgery on her hand last week, and will have surgery on the other one in July, so that is a whole different adventure, one my younger sister has been helping out with.

Besides all of that we've had some issues with the house we rent and our landlord but nothing terribly extreme. I had a chance to talk to him today and he will come by to fix the broken things tomorrow whenever I give him a call to let him know we are awake and ready.

The summer so far has been kind of hectic but not in the bad way. It is tough though to get together with everyone that I want to hang out with, since we tend to have vastly different schedules. I did get some quality time in the other day with my gals Tina and Emily, and we went to see X Men First Class, which I'm pretty sure we all thought was awesome. If you haven't seen it, you should. I'm supposed to go swimming with some friends on Friday for more girl time (if it doesn't rain). But the weatherman has been talking about rain off and on for all week this week and it hasn't happened yet. Also we're going to our friends' wedding on Saturday, so we're all hoping that the rain holds off for that day too. They're getting married in the newly renovated "old" theater, that was built in the 1920s. It's really going to be beautiful.

And talking about weddings reminds me of pretty dresses and how I intend to make myself some. Also, I keep meaning to follow more fashion-oriented things and then I forget, which reflects badly upon me. What I really need (or feel the need to do) is start designing some things. Even if I never make them (even though I do hope to make them) then it will at least make me feel better. Maybe I can snag my roommate into helping me make them--that would be quite the series of projects.

Regardless of what I decide to do with my summer, be it reading or designing and sewing, I'm sure you'll be hearing much more about it in the near future. So until next time, goodnight.

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