Thursday, September 23, 2010

#2--I Love You Betty White!

Life goal: Meet Betty White.

I cannot relay to you how much I look up to this woman, and how many laughs I have had not at her expense, but because she is doing what she loves (I presume).

She is nothing less than a goddess, having a strong and versatile career which she continues to grasp with both hands even in her progressing years. (I imagine that she would make some kind of joke here). :)

People might ask how I find her so inspiring, but its hard to explain. When I was little (this sounds funny to me) I used to watch Golden Girls with my grandmother and at any opportunity I had; and her character as Rose had me hooked from the beginning. I couldn't get enough. Recently, some of her fellow cast members from that show have passed away, or otherwise disappeared into fewer and fewer acting roles, which is sad but in a bittersweet sort of way.

This summer she launched her new show "Hot in Cleveland" which I watched every episode of, and laughed through each one. The other women in the cast with her (excuse me for here forgetting their names) are each talented and beautiful women as well, and I cannot imagine the honor it must be to work alongside Miss Betty or any of the others for that matter. Though it was the maiden season of this show, I can hardly wait for more, and I believe it said it would return in January (but don't hold me to that, I'm not the producer). Either way, I have a large respect for her.

I love when she laughs because she scrunches her nose and lets her grin contaminate everyone around her. She was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (I believe--it was either that or The Colbert Report) and I remember being so excited that she was one of the guests they had on the show, and to be even more honest I can barely remember what the interview was about (I'll have to go look it up now), but I was entirely thrilled.

Betty White is the kind of woman that I would love to be: funny, charming, talented, beautiful, courageous, bold, moral, independent.

The next time I open a bottle of pinot (which will be soon, since I have some Barefoot downstairs) I will be toasting to you, Miss Betty White, for all your achievements, your style, your humor, and for never losing sight of the career you love. All my best and warmest wishes to you, and I hope to meet you someday, even if just for tea.


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