Sunday, September 26, 2010

#4--Cake, A Silent Film

Let me first say that I love my blog's background because when I scroll around to look at my posts it makes me feel like I'm in a giant library, and that is awesome.

I went to the Smashing Pumkins/Cake concert last night and it rained for about the first 1/3 of the show, so while all the smaller bands were playing. It had cleared up by the time that Cake took the stage, and that was fine with us. Being damp and cold and in the dark at a concert is no fun, but when the band is the one that cheers you up, you're glad you didn't cut out early. At one point during Cake's performance they stalled because they were trying to decide what song they should play next, and being towards the back of the crowd I knew they would never hear my feebly shouted request. I shouted anyway, (feebly as I said before) my simple request. The band thanked the audience for all their suggestions, but said "we're going to play what we feel like playing anyway." The guitar started, as often happens, before they got into the meat of the song. And what do you know, a moment later, they were playing "Love You Madly" just like i requested!!!! It was amazing, and its probably my favorite song by them, and I already had intentions of playing it at our wedding but seeing and hearing it live was a golden moment. And of course I danced like a maniac with Alex standing right there, and yes he laughed at my and tried to make me stop dancing as I was probably being slightly embarrassing, but I DIDN'T CARE! cuz it was awesome.

I'm SO glad we didn't leave early, cuz it would have sucked to miss the rest of that show. And also, we bought an album of a British band called "A Silent Film." They were particularly good and it was also their first time in America (period) not to mention their first time performing here. While they only had about a half hour and so only played a handful of songs, it was taken well by the crowd and there was a decent line to wait for the album. Which was only ten dollars! *sigh* I do love me some Buzz Beach Ball.

On another note, I've been slacking on the writing fronts lately, so expect a lot from me today. Tomorrow is a pretty sizable day, since I'm having another trial run done on my hair for the wedding. And I have plans to hang with some friends! woo! woo!