Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Angela, Part 4

Twenty minutes in the back of the cop cruiser and Angela was ready to be standing up again. There wasn't much space, it was smelly, the leather seats were sticky against her bare arms. Plus she couldn't see Officer Jackson's face. She wanted to gaze into those dark, endless eyes but she was caught staring at him in the rearview three times too many, so she forced herself to look out the window. Besides, she was pretty sure that he didn't want to stare back into a pair of baby blues that were surrounded by red puffy cheeks and a raw nose. Her hair was disheveled and frizz was the ruler of all.

Wow, I look like a hot mess. How can he even stand to look at me? Angela wondered this to herself, biting her chapped lips and saving her grimaces for the tinted window. She slumped down in the seat and looked at her hands. The once pristine palms and delicate fingers were now tender from scrapes and splinters, swollen and bloody. She tried wiping her hands on her designer jeans to dispel some of the dried blood, but this was a mistake. Some of the splinters reminded her who was boss, stinging and making her hiss through her teeth. This action didn't actually rid her hands of any of their stains, but some of her wounds started seeping again, with nowhere to drip but right onto that wallet-splitting designer denim she wore so proudly.

So much for keeping a nice pair. Angela looked up to see if the cop was looking at her. He was. She expected it but she didn't at the same time. Taken a little off her guard she blushed and dropped her gaze, holding for a moment before looking at him in the mirror through her long eyelashes. Angela had been blessed with naturally long eyelashes. Most times she didn't have to curl them either.

Angela held the look for as long as she dared, which wasn't long at all. She had always made men come to her, rather than chasing after them herself. She was an up-and-coming young lady; there wasn't time for galavanting around with silly boys. She sighed, but only as an attention-getter. Stony-faced once more, she let the blur of the trees consume her thoughts.

As she looked away from the rearview mirror, she missed the brief wink that Officer Jackson had tried to send her way. He didn't know her from Eve but she seemed interesting nonetheless.

*dear audience: had to take a break because I could not keep my eyes open. more to come*
419 words. weak? perhaps. sleep prevails.

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