Thursday, December 9, 2010

Untitled A

It was that moment during sex when all that happens is a collapsing of bodies, breathing so hard that your mouth is wide open and there's drool running all over the place.

That's what it was like for Charlotte and Michael at that precise moment. His face was buried in her fake-raven hair, her breathing was uncontrollable and his was forced from the weight of her languid body laying on top of his. They stayed that way for a long time, just struggling to breathe and forcing air through their lungs. 

Charlotte finally roused herself from the bed and fetched a glass of water for Michael, who still was near comatose on the bed. It was very easy to love him, to make love to him. He was a well-rounded six-foot-three, muscular with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes. 

Charlotte sat down next to Michael on the bed, and played with her long hair. 

"You ready for some kind of lunch, baby?" She flipped her hair over her shoulder and ran her fingers along his side, from his waist to his shoulder. 

"Yeah, sure, as long as its not that damn pasta you always make." Michael sat up and swigged the water and sloshed it around, spilling some on the sheets. Not the first thing to hit the blankets today. 

"What's wrong with my pasta? You said you liked Italian food." Charlotte stood quickly, forgetting her attempt to seduce Michael a second time. She ran a comb quickly through her hair and put on a silk tank top. Even though it wasn't form-fitting, her nipples still created miniature mountain peaks. 

"Nothing's wrong with it for God's sake, I just get tired of it. Sometimes I just want a goddamn hamburger." He stood from the bed also, setting the empty water glass on the roll top desk. 

"Well forget it, I'm not making you lunch if you're going to be an ungrateful bastard about it. I try to please you and what do I get? Not a damn thing." Charlotte pulled on her ratty jeans and went down the hall to the living room which was directly across from the kitchen. Michael followed her slowly, neglecting the water glass in the bedroom. 

"Look, Charlotte, it's fine. It just seems like the only thing you cook is pasta," Charlotte huffed at this, and Michael turned her to face him and continued. "All I'm saying is, I'd like a change once in awhile, something different besides pasta."

"Well I don't see you helping out with making any dinner, but yeah, I'll make something different." Charlotte had put on her jacket but took it off again and tossed it back on the couch. "What do you want to eat?" 

Charlotte crossed to the kitchen and Michael limped after her in his typical way. 

"Are you angry with me baby?" Michael came up behind Charlotte at the counter and wrapped his arms around her waist. 

"Not particularly, but I don't appreciate it when you talk to me like that." Charlotte ignored Michael's embrace and pulled a frozen pizza from the freezer and began to unwrap it. 

"Fair enough." Michael leaned against the counter on the opposite side of the stove and watched Charlotte carefully. Her long black hair was still mussed from earlier, despite her having brushed it. Charlotte's ratty painting jeans really outlined the sexy curves of her ass and accentuated her long and slender legs. Sometimes Michael didn't know how he had managed to snag someone as hot as her as a girlfriend, especially since he was disabled. 


  1. Oh, Shawna. That was damn near cruel, girl! Mmmmm *bites knuckles*

  2. i thought of you while i wrote it! if that helps! i lurve you!