Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#32--Story Installments & Ideas

Life is so many things at once, sometimes its hard to believe that anything can be achieved at all.

Today my life included walking the dogs, politics, shopping, driving, visiting friends, ghost hunters international (there are better ghost shows), doomsday speakers, love, responsibility, maintenance requests, writing, brainstorming, discussions about anything and everything.

These are not necessarily in order. And no I will not reorganize them for you. So ha.

I wrote some on my story about Angela on my conjoined blog. If you look on the right --> there should be a link to "view my complete profile." If you click it, you can see a list of My Blogs, and there you will pick "S.L.Caro" and you will be able to see the latest entry on the story, Part VII. I hope to have more again soon, so I'm thinking, this week. I'm already at ten thousand words for this story, unedited, which is awesome, and somewhat easier than I anticipated.

Thus, I feel that NaNo this year would be much easier than I expect, and my goal is to finish Angela's story this month, and perhaps to start a new story next month, or to go back through Angela's story and make a few tweaks here and there, fix grammatical errors and run spell check. Because of course, no first draft is ever perfect, even though I like to give myself a lot of credit. I feel it is well-written, yes, but not finished. And far from perfect.

As for the story goal... I believe a vote is in order.

1. Should I start a new story in February (or as soon as I finish Angela's story), or should I go back through Angela's story and clean it up?

2. Which story should I work on in the future, immediately following Angela's story?
  -Dr. Jack Price and his adventures,
  -Tattoo/social/kinda sci fi story,
  -The vampire story,
  -The Rumplestiltskin/Morph story (which is a current longhand project),
  -or something else?

It seems that maybe the most logical choice of story to work on would be the Rumplestiltskin/Morph story, since I am already working on that, but it never hurts to have a challenge I suppose. I love working on that story and it feels really exclusive, probably because I am writing it in longhand and in a blank journal. Only Gracie has read the first bit, and Alex will read it once I have more than five pages of material. That is, five pages at 5x8". Pardon me, twelve pages.

I feel good about that story. Maybe I'll work on Morph and Angela at the same time, and then launch into heavy research for Jack Price. I have *got* to learn more about Australia and various other things before I can write him and feel good about what I'm writing as I write it.

On that note, since I've been away from Angela's story for so long, I've been having to go back and re-read bits to make sure that I'm not having her wear shoes if she doesn't have any shoes to wear (but she had them, so I was fine there). I recently read a book where a woman got out of the car, got lost in her thoughts about where she was, and then got out of the car again, without having moved or returned to the interior of the car. I really did go back and make sure it was an error before I told anyone about it, and I chuckled on the inaccuracy of the editor/writer. I don't remember the name of the book or I'd mention it here.

Either way, I think this is enough contemplation for now. Be sure to check out the latest installment of Angela's story on my other blog page. :D

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  1. I vote start new story and edit Angela later after you've been away from it long enough to not be immersed in the world. I also vote Morph or the vampire story although Morph is intriguing more having read the snippet. I also vote hanging out with me soon so we can talk about Hot James!