Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A big shout-out to my friend Grace, who is pure awesomeness in human form. Thank you. We will have to take advantage of that home kit i'm thinking.

A shout out to all those who read my blog. Thanks thanks.

On to the real stuff: today wasn't so hot. but that's okay. I worked. Went to Derek's concert (AWESOME!) and dinner with the fam (very cool!) got nasty letters in the mail from my financial institution, and now am throwing up my hands and the rest of my cash in complete surrender.

Looking forward to Friday night and next week. Really have no clue how i'm getting those all-important pumpkins now :(  maybe i'll find a way... Friday might be a stay-in night also due to Mr. Moneybags at the bank.

Besides all that, NaNoWriMo is coming up and I can't wait to get started. Got some good ideas floating around in my head and an intense need to flesh them out.

Was also inspired by Derek's concert tonight, so I'm looking for a way to incorporate that into a story. Hooray orchestra!

Also: FACEBOOK SUCKS. just sayin'. Why? oh, because it won't load. at all. stupid. :p

Yes I'm excited. Yes there is frustration. Yes I wish things were more on track. But what else can I do? I only have so much power. Interesting isn't it? I just realized that last sentence was made up of words that all started with the letter "I". That is potentially more interesting than the former. HA.

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