Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#15--The Infamous B


I want to start this story!

But life brings me down a little bit.

Not in a bad way, but just enough to leave me too tired to write anything besides a nagging journal entry.

From Friday, she's being charged with attempted murder. Two very large words. Its hard to get the mind around. Bail posted at 250K. That's a quarter mil!

The Infamous B texted me today, saying he respected my wishes by not coming to the wedding, wished us both the best, even though he's hurt that he wasn't included, and that he wishes me a happy birthday this weekend too. He phrased it nicely, but it was still about him. Sad. Pathetic. *sigh* I don't think this can ever be fixed. I'm not sure I want it to be. I can't give in, I can't give up on myself. I won't respond, which will make me look awful to him, but if I do, it leaves room for rudeness and insults that are undeserved (towards me).

I am washing my hands of it for now, since I don't like to think about it and all it does is bum me out.

Meant to get dinner with my mom this week but a bigger task than anticipated for replacing shocks on the hubby's suburban has led us to cancel for now, and weekend plans plus sunday work puts it back into next week sometime.

I'm looking forward to Thursday with Gracie, cuz it'll be fun and I'll probably feel better after burning stuff.

I keep getting compliments on my wedding ring, which is fine with me cuz frankly its fantastic. It's a puzzle ring (four bands) with a stone--opal triplet to be precise. The setting looks like a little crown. It makes me happy to look at it, though it is a tad loose, its not loose enough to send back for a resizing. Plus I don't think I could go without it for very long. :D

NaNo is coming up fast. Faster than I thought. I'm not nervous about it, I just hope that in four days or so I can manage to be motivated enough to attack the project head on. I have a few days to get back into my groove... and I seem to be doing okay with these entries, so hopefully that helps.

Another reason I look forward to Thursday, I think that my mind will be more clear after that day... Chucking stuff that is emotional clutter should help me to get straightened out in time for NaNo, and the continuous job hunt that is my life.

Ah. Sleepiness is kicking in, so I fear this is a relatively short post as I am off to bed.

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