Thursday, October 7, 2010

#8--Change of Pace

Dear friends and readers--

I am putting Angela's story on a temporary hold (Jason, I know you will say "What?!")

I feel a sudden urge to *gasp* WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE!

Horrific, I know.

However, I feel this project (which shall for the time being be called only "Friend") must be hammered out.

The really tragic part is, I will NOT be posting this one on my blog until it is finished. FINISHED!

It will be tricky for me to not post up something that I am working on at the moment, but I feel like I can achieve this quickly (hopefully before next weekend!) and therefore, have lots of hope for the project.

I can almost promise that it will be better than Angela's story, with more suspense, more twists, and a pinch more emotion.

Have questions about the project? Tough. I won't answer any until its done.

Its kind of nice being the only one who knows the story. :j

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