Monday, October 25, 2010

#13 FrEaKy!

So, this weekend has been fantastic (outside of that which happened on Friday, not really involving me...I'm not naming names, or giving details because its not my place and I can't do anything anyway even though i tried). SO.... yes. great weekend.

Today was the meeting for NaNo, the one i could go to this weekend. Went with Gracie! and it wasn't what i expected, but it is what it is.

HOWEVER. teeny-boppers annoy me. Please don't think that because you've done NaNo longer than me that you're better than me. I have a college degree--you don't even have tits yet.

I'm sorry, that was mean. *sigh* but still! (disgruntled). I look forward to going to another write-in, but i do not look forward to discussing much with them again or ever.

And suddenly I realize I am not ready for children. Not yet.

In the meantime there is some pumpkin fudge that G made, chillin in her fridge, and i do hope to get me somma dat. :D

My birthday is at the end of this week, and I'm looking forward to that. perhaps i'll have a laptop between now and then, on which to do all of my own writing and docu-saving. yes yes. hmm.

okay so this post isn't this freaky. but halloween is freaky, and that's coming up! and i might paint my face this year! (considering i haven't done anything for halloween since, oh, high school, this is an achievement).

Today's Top Five
(and greatest Top Five of All Time):
1. Mother Theresa
2. Ghandi
3. David Bowie
4. Thomas Edison
5. Jesus Christ

(in no particular order, or in whatever order you choose).
~~ Thank you Grace. ~~

On another note, after a talk again with dearest Alex, I have decided to change a bit about my NaNo story! No twin, (or maybe there is, but he is no longer the focal point!) Instead, a lover for Dr. Jack Price, and a missing one at that. I have some research to do this week--I want to be able to accurately describe what it is that is going on and how settings look (especially for those places I've never been to). Real writers need a good knowledge of just about everything, and you can begin anywhere. Real writers write for themselves and NOT for an audience.

To make this clear, I'm writing this blog for me. If it is noticed, fantastic! If not, meh. I mean, I can't worry about it being noticed, cuz then I'll try too hard and end up writing only crap. Blegh. There's enough fan fiction in the world already, lets get some originality going!

..... anyway.... letting that settle in our tummies, I'll start getting into the vibe of this story for NaNo. I am not quite sure what I'll title it yet (and the best titles are the ones you pick after the story is done anyway) but it will be easily differentiated from the other posts here on my blog.

I am still very excited about NaNo, and I cannot believe it is only next week! I'm wondering how I will need to compensate for the Thanksgiving days... I intend to be with my family, but my current job (retail, blegh) demands that I work... so... hm. I don't want to lose my job until i have a new one i can consistently rely on. I don't want to get a consistent new job at another retail place, because they just don't pay enough... so tomorrow i think will be a big day for me, searching for jobs and what not..

I basically need to make at least 9/hr in order to actually have a decent amount of money to work with outside of rent, bills, food, gas, insurance, more food, bigger bills (ah, winter), and *gasp/shudder* school loans!!! not to mention the delayed honeymoon Alex and I plan to take next year (hopefully) to europe for a couple of weeks to a month. ish. roughly. we hope. *sigh*

and car repairs/maintenance. for both of us. or even a new car. and a computer that i've been talking about for awhile now. :p money and the talk of it is exhausting.

i can only imagine how tired kidnappers must get of talking about money. and everyone always wants to "negotiate." blegh. poor guys. or gals. or both. maybe they should suck it up and earn money the respectful (but hard) way like the rest of us. or most of the rest of us. or whoever. sheesh.

this is a really random post now and i'm not really sure where all my thoughts are going or coming from so i think that for now this one is finished. thought i am sure some of you would be entertained if i continued on and on  in this post. whew.


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  1. Heh heh, heh - you wrote "vibe". Also, we need to try the fudge again. I shall make it for your b-day. Only good this time. And we did have spectacular, nigh near holy racks compared to those teeny boppers. Just sayin'.