Thursday, November 4, 2010

#16--Channeling My Inner Witch for the Greater Good

I've been working overnights lately at work in order to build up my hours on my paycheck--gotta make dem monies.

The only problem with this is that it is now NOVEMBER and for anyone who's anyone they will know that November is NaNoWriMo. And no I haven't started, and yes I've intended to, but its difficult when you wake up to go to work and come home to sleep and leave for work when you wake up again. Today wasn't so bad--I actually worked during the daytime, but here I am now, adopting my previous typical "writing at night" routine. This is fine with me, but I have a lot of catching up to do.

In addition to the excitement/anxiety associated with NaNo, I've been looking for a new job, because having an inconsistent schedule for inconsistent times really doesn't cut it for paying the ever increasing bills. Being married takes a toll on you, not because its awful (whoever said that about their marriage probably shouldn't have tied the knot anyway) but because once you go from a single unit to a double unit things pile up. Like insurance. And student loans.

Also, the holidays are swift approaching and my birthday was just last weekend (and yes, Halloween too). I was an impromptu pirate and it was fabulous (thank you Carol for letting me borrow the goods). My birthday was pretty fantastic as well--got a couple new books, one fiction, the other a collection of blips from various writers about their favorite books. I was sold by the preface, where Ray Bradbury discussed his high appreciation for Poe's works--I feel as if I am bound to follow in his footsteps. (Much happiness ensues here).

Needless to say, I've been a busy gal lately. And happy for the time at work (but not for the headaches or backaches at the end of the day), and happy for the additional sleep I've been getting as a result.

Touching on some posts from previously, I keep meaning to discuss in more length the idea of the collective conscious, as well as that one thing (it has a name, i know it) where people fail to realize that other people exist--just another car on the highway kind of idea. Group mentality. Mass hysteria. These are all very interesting studies to me. I feel there should be a correlation between them and politics, and if there are any studies that have worked on that subject in particular. I suppose some research is in my future. HOWEVER.... I feel it may be more important/interesting/easily workable to link this "group think" idea with politics... Specifically meaning in regards to government and what we would like to see happen for our economy, education, world health (including "going green"), etc. The only issue there is: there are so many differing viewpoints that it would be rather difficult to persuade even 50% of the nation to feel one thing or another as far as political viewpoints. So much of what goes on in the government is ridiculous that it would also be difficult to pinpoint those plans or ideas that will do the people the most good. So, rather than trying to convince the majority of citizens of one thing or another, it would almost be easier to work on those who are in office directly. Its a much smaller percentage, but harder to reach due to security levels.

I realize this idea/concept isn't fully formed yet and that I don't have (entirely outlined that is) a viewpoint which would be applicable to those in office. But as I sit here and think about what kind of good (or evil)  could be done for our country through this method, I also suspect that this kind of action would be a precursor to a governmental revolution. AND it is entirely true that we are allowed to overthrow our government if they get ridiculous... but I feel that the American citizens have forgotten this. They (being the government) cannot possibly jail EVERY citizen simultaneously (unless they bring back concentration camps, etc).  I am not endorsing that we (as a collective group think America) go about bashing people's heads in to make our point, but play our game judiciously at first, and when we hit the last unbreakable wall, we find another way. Because if Americans are anything, we are resilient. We may be injured but we are pretty darn good at bouncing back full force.

COME ON AMERICA. let's whoop some ass.


On another note, as it gets colder, i feel more and more witchy. I am being slapped in the face with new ideas for stories all the time, and I am working up a way to build a schedule for myself. I want to write more and more, and work on several projects at once. And of course upon their completion I'll send the manuscripts off to publishers and see where that takes me.

As for now, I'm off to start that story for NaNo that I've been talking about and planning for the last month and a half. Here goes 50K!!

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  1. C'mon 50k!!!! Let's get our witchy on!!! Also, I miss you, but I understand that you're busy, so it's all good. Thank you for being with me on Halloween - that made my week :)