Sunday, November 14, 2010


I had a dream.


Ok, its been done before.

Think Rumplestiltskin. The descendent of.

I'm trying to think of fun names for this awful character.

Moukla, or Horla comes to mind. Something old sounding, something evil.
(some research will be done on this part).

The more evil actions he commits, the uglier and more like a zombie he looks outwardly (to those that he is specifically badgering).

He is a new kind of bad person from his heritage and the true Rumplestiltskin. He doesn't trade, he only brings misery, and feeds on emotions until someone does something drastic, and then he feeds on them.

Sort of vampiric in a sense.


Different rooms in a house are different locations on the globe. Like you've actually traveled there, not like it being a theme room.

There are builders who are responsible for different aspects of each room: trees, grass, buildings, inserting people prototypes for testing the new environment.

He is plaguing a builder and her new husband, only she can see his true nature.


More to come.

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