Saturday, November 20, 2010

#19--Harry Potter Made Me Miss the Deadline

Today was really eventful.

I know I only have myself to look at for this, but I really was looking forward to submitting a little something to the magazine call for talent. Alas, I did not get that worked out on time, and when I did remember this yesterday, it was already after midnight. :(

Back to today: I got to sleep in! Then I met my friend Gracie for lunch (yayness!) and she drove me to my work, where I very ferociously went in and picked up my check and resigned, effective immediately. I feel so much better to be out of that poisonous place, and out from under that horrible woman and her egotistical power trip. I only hope that other girls who work there realize what's going on and choose a better path for themselves. Additionally, I will be making a call to human resources on Monday, for everyone's benefit.

After that I helped another friend with her decision, and further assisted to help her find another job, and as a result she has an interview on Monday. I'm excited for her, and I really hope she gets it.

In the meantime, I'm VERY behind on my story, but I do hope to pull some kind of magnificent cartwheels out of my ass. The last posting was meant to be the story beginning for the x-th time, but all I managed to stay awake for was finding names for my characters. I literally fell asleep with the laptop in front of me, the tv on, etc. I was sooo tired.

But going to see HARRY POTTER will do that to a person. Also had a magnificent time with dearest Gracie, and this first segment of the last movie was very well done with suspense and overall not-feeling-so-good, while simultaneously injecting small happy moments and dabs of humor. I really cannot wait until the last installment comes out, and I do intend on being somewhere for a Harry Potter movie-a-thon which may span two days, leading up to the midnight release. Twill be epic!

And again, I find myself very tired indeed, but its almost blasphemous to go to bed so early...

So on to NaNo!

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