Sunday, November 21, 2010

Morph II

It had been exactly five years since Eva had started at the International Builder's Preservation and Creation Society. She was expecting a raise any day now, but that was not what was bothering her lately.

A new addition to the Builder's team was Inaki, an older gentleman with shaggy salt and pepper hair that got in his eyes all the time. Yesterday was his first official day on the team where he was not being directly supervised by someone. Eva hoped they wouldn't assign Inaki to one of her rooms, because it hardly seemed fair to expect him to create as much as she did in a day.

"I really do not want to be less productive if I have to watch over him. I have to get this room done today, or Bruce is going to be angry with me again." Eva told Marcus at their quaint breakfast table. Marcus was her husband of a year and a half. They had met at IBPCS, and nothing could have kept them apart from each other.

"I would not worry about it too much, honey. Bruce may not even pair Inaki with you today. I bet Inaki still gets to shadow some of the slower builders for a few weeks--Bruce generally has the newbies ease in that way." Marcus took a large bite of his hot cereal and chewed voraciously. Eva only played with hers with her spoon, slowly making swirly patterns with the cinnamon that graced the top of her oatmeal. She sighed and put the spoon aside.

"I suppose you are right, Marcus." Eva subconsciously chewed on her bottom lip.

"Come on now, Eva." Marcus brushed her cheek with his thumb, gently tilting her chin upwards and meeting her shy gaze with his own steady one. "I've never seen you worry about a new builder like this before, but I do not think you have anything to worry about this time either. Bruce knows that new employees slow down the team, and he has already planned for that I am sure." He dropped his hand from her face and held her hands in his. "Do not forget that I love you, Eva."

Eva blushed miraculously, and let out a small sigh. She picked up her spoon again and actually ate her oatmeal this time. "I love you too, Marcus." Eva smiled at him and they finished their breakfast contentedly.


When Eva and Marcus got in to work, they saw Inaki waiting outside. He was wearing a long woolen trench coat with fur lining in the hat, smoking a fat cigar.

"Afternoon," Inaki said to them.

Eva looked at Marcus and he looked back at her. Marcus smiled a little half smile, sending Eva a wink.

"Good morning, Inaki. Ready to start the day?" Marcus asked politely enough. Eva was biting at her lip again in anxiety.

"More or less. I have to be here, so here I am." Inaki threw down his half smoked stogie and squished it out with his foot. He smirked at Marcus and Eva, following them in through the door.

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