Thursday, November 4, 2010

I -- NaNo: Lady Astray

Napolean Otto bounced along in the rusty old jalopy with some discomfort. The plastic window coverings were missing, allowing the wind to carry heaping mouthfuls of dust into Napolean Otto's frowning face.

I hate the outback, he thought to himself in exasperation. This better be worth my time.

Napolean Otto was a short man, not unlike Napolean Bonaparte, his namesake. Otto was still several inches taller, and much stockier than the legendary man. Otto had dark hair, a bushy caterpillar mustache and a hint of olive in his complexion. He was often mistaken as being Hispanic in heritage, but any careful eye could see his heritage was drawn down from Greece.

Otto had been a friend to Doctor Jack Price for some years now, though the two of them had not spoken in recent months. Otto assumed that Jack did not want anything to do with him after he introduced Jack to the love of his life, Mariana Richards.

It must have been February that we last talked to each other, Otto wiggled his large mustache in contemplation. I wonder what precisely Jack has been  up to.

Napolean Otto drove along the deeply rutted path towards the highest crest of the hill, where Jack Price's house was nestled behind some of the tallest scrub bushes around.

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