Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#20--Dreams of Snow and Rolly Chairs

Got a call from the old manager today, wanting my statement as to why I left. I didn't call her back today, but I might just go in tomorrow and have a conversation with her rather than just calling her on the phone. It'll just be easier that way, and it will be easier for her to understand where I'm coming from in person.

I made chili tonight for dinner, and it was fantastic. I made it sort of according to the Mickey Mouse chili recipe and sort of going with my instincts. To go with it, I made beer bread with a pumpkin ale instead of making cornbread. One, because cornbread can be kind of boring, and two, because there are people who are allergic to corn. But I was glad for the change.

On another note, for whatever strange reason I really want it to snow. And I want it to snow like crazy... Usually I hate snow. I mean, I hate it only because its amazingly cold, melts into my gloves and gets into the most impractical places (and then doesn't melt!). But I just really want it to snow.

Also, I love the holidays. Just sayin'. Not so much because of the presents, but because of the time we get to spend with those that we love (like family, even if our families embarrass us or make us uncomfortable). I suppose this is included with the thoughts on snow in a perspective change that I've had at some point between last year and this year.

A slightly different topic now: I really don't understand how anyone can stand to go shopping on the busiest day of the year (black friday) especially when people are so inconsiderate of other people and when lives are very likely at stake. Like last year, when that WalMart employee got trampled because customers broke the barrier to get into the store. And to the other people who never thought to stop and help that person, but who saw the problem: Shame on you. I cannot comprehend the reason for such bad behavior and such lack of compassion. I suppose that's my real pet peeve lately. That term, "pet peeve" doesn't seem to really cut it for me either. It doesn't express the extent to which it really bothers me that people act that way.

But besides all that, I have this week off due to the change in jobs that's happening at the moment. I am very excited to start at the new place soon, since it will pay much better money than my former job, and will include benefits, set hours, and a set schedule, and a rolly chair. :-D

I think this all for now. Ciao!

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  1. Rooooooooolllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chair!!!!!! Let me know if you need backup going in again.