Monday, July 2, 2012

#35--Where's Mine? (Previously Unpublished)

At what point does one give up?

Is giving up really an option?


"don't find reasons not to be happy"

I'm not going to pick this apart. i just feel awful.

i'm thinking about writing a piece or something on the job search. yeah, we (as americans, the collective we) know its tough out there, searching for and finding a job. things are looking down, and its hard on a lot of folks.

But this is getting ridiculous.

I've signed up for multiple job search websites, for free. Its great that they're free because I have no money to pay them if they weren't free.

So i'll go to one of these said websites, which sends me email on a regular basis, screaming LOOK AT THESE JOBS THAT WE PICKED FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T REALLY MATCH  YOUR SKILL SET, EDUCATION OR INTEREST AT ALL!

and then they send me reminder emails, making sure i've seen the opportunity to apply for crap i can't do or don't want to do.

keep in mind that i'm not trying to be terribly picky, since there's not much for me to pick from in the first place. i generally tend to stay away from things that require licensure or in any way deal with accounting since i really don't like math (that doesnt mean i have zero skill, but accounting really isn't for me).

so this means that out of 100 jobs that i might look at in a day, (or an hour), --and these are my own very rough estimations-- about 30% have to deal with accounting/insurance/required licenses, 40% are in nursing, healthcare, or a service related industry, like driving medical equipment around the city. I've done pizza delivery, i know how it works, and it sucks. so that's a rough 70% of the 100 jobs that i won't/can't apply to/am not eligible for anyway.

Now lets say that 20% of the remaining jobs might match what i can do, or what i could do with minimal training, and i start reading the descriptions and requirements and i get all excited--only to find out the job is in CALIFORNIA, ARIZONA, COLORADO, ILLINOIS, OHIO, ARKANSAS, NEW YORK, CHICAGO, OR MARYLAND.


(some of you at this point may say, well, you could move! but i don't have the money for that either, thank you).

SOOOOO,   this leaves me with 10% of the 100 initial jobs. in my area, not likely to be in my field or skill set, are generally part-time, temporary or both, paying under or just at minimum wage, and require me to drive at least 20 minutes to get to work (which is expensive since gas is sitting just under 3 bucks a gallon and we're trying to only use my car to save some extra cash).

so out of that last measly 10%--

(Please note that I found this in my "draft" box which probably means my computer lost internet connection and I had to start the post over. I will be posting the rest of these drafts as well.)

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