Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Just so everyone is aware and not extremely confused, the last three posts before this one are posts I found in my draft box that I had not published. I still have posts numbered 22, 35, and 39 but they are different than what you will read in these posts, likely because I lost internet and thought I lost my post as well, when really blogspot just saved it as a draft that I was unaware of. So I started over. So there's a bit of a flashback to 2010 when I was jobless (much like I am now) and frustrated.

I'm still going with my goals that I posted in #71 regarding things I'd like to finish reading so that I can move on to other works and fully work from the inspiration those works provide for me. I have also made another goal for myself: I can get a cute new hair cut after I lose 15 pounds. That might seem like a lot but it isn't really. So here's hoping I can achieve all of the goals I set for myself.

In the meantime I am going to look up recipes for eggs, since I have six dozen and I'm not eating them nearly fast enough to use them while they're good.

Tomorrow is the 4th, when we celebrate the nation's independence from Britain. I'm not really that into it. I like the smoke bombs for the color and automatic mosquito repellent but that's about it. I don't mind watching fireworks in the sky, but I think it is a bit ridiculous to celebrate freedom from something when we are so oppressed by our current system. Buuut that's just me. So oh well. Also, that was over 200 years ago, so it seems just a hair outdated to me. I'm sure someone will read this and be upset and call me "unpatriotic" but I really don't feel any particular attachment to this nation. Sure I was born here, and sure I live here, but those are things that I cannot change at the moment. It is just really hard to feel connected to a place where even the government doesn't want to feel connected to. Hm. I think this thought requires more thought. I'll get back to you.

Until then...

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