Thursday, July 26, 2012


This post is all about Yanni and I don't care if you judge me.

I've been reading his... biography? memoir? (Yanni In Words) lately and I realize just why I look up to him so much. I suspected his strength of independence just from how my mother talked about him. He's a genius and a revolutionary and he set the pace for all those who followed him. And he never let anyone tell him he couldn't do something and he refused to get distracted from his life goal and he did everything he wanted to do.

And that's awesome.

And I'm going to see him live on the 14th, and I'm so excited. (I'm seriously screaming inside when I think about it. I get really giddy--hearing those familiar songs LIVE is going to rock my socks off!).

People look at me funny for liking Yanni and his music. I don't always understand why. Maybe they don't see what I see or hear what I hear. They haven't really connected with his music and his work.

Thank you Yanni, for inspiration as a child who knew virtually nothing of the world. Thank you Yanni, for continuing to inspire me to create my own work, to address and express my emotions, and to go after what I want to do, no matter what.

Here's to Yanni!

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